Historic Model T Literature and Materials Reproduce from Originals
We are dedicated to preserving publications that are out of print but have vital information for the Model T Ford community of enthusiasts.  Also, items of an era, long gone but hopefully they won't be forgotten.  The following pages show different items that are either reproduced or written to help you find answers to your question about how to drive, show and repair your Model T Ford.

                                        Doug Dachenbach
Historic Reproductions
Doug Dachenbach
Tinkerin Tips Volume I & II
Stevens Tool Catalog cira 1916
Model T Ford Drivers Training Manual 
Cards - Christmas, Valentine, note and Antique reproductions
"Do Not Touch" window placard
New Car Window Sticker for Model T Ford
General Order Form
Manifold Gourmet  A Compendium of Manifold Cooker Recipes
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