A drivers training manual for Model T Fords, written as the source for beginners to become familiar with the differences of a Model T from other early and modern cars. Step by step instructions of what to do and when to do it.
A great reference manual.  A must for every new driver.

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    Model T Ford Drivers Training Manual by Douglas Dachenbach
This manual is a step-by-step “How To” approach to teaching someone how to drive the Model T Ford safely and with confidence. Section one provides a checklist of things to do as the new driver gets ready to start the engine. It walks them through the settings and starting of the engine by hand-crank and by electric starter. Section two walks them through how to operate the spark advance, throttle, parking brake and the three-foot pedals. Section three covers the all-important process of stopping. It covers how to use the parking brake, the foot brake, using first gear to slow the T and how reverse can be used to help brake a T. Safety and fun tips are addressed all the way through the eleven pages with a glossary of terms with pictures and drawings at every step. Reading this manual will give each new driver a solid background of what is expected at each step and a more confident first hands-on experience. Nothing replaces the necessary driving experience of being behind the wheel, but having some prior knowledge of what to expect, makes that first ride much less stressful. The Drivers Training Manual is a must when you are teaching a friend or family member to drive a Model T Ford. If you plan to sell your T to an inexperienced Model T driver, this is an absolute mandatory part of the sale to keep your phone quiet and your piece of mind.