Window Manufacturer Sticker for your T
I have found this to be the best thing I every put in the window.  Draws more attention than anything I have ever done.  It answers most of the routine questions people ask.  When you park your T somewhere, always stick this in the window.  It is designed to fit on the inside of your window and in a enclosed car, you can roll the window up and trap the top of the sticker so it is easily read and doesn't get wet or blown. 

We can customize this sticker for your individual car.  Contact me and I'll work directly with you to get what you want on your car.  [ Block #,  year, model, features and extras ]   When it is done, I'll send you a PDF file you can print over and over at your home.  Fits on 11" X 14" legal size paper.  You won't believe the attention this generates and frees you up to tell the special stories about Henry and his/your fabulous car.

Custom Sticker Price:  $13.50 /car, PDF file emailed to you.

Yes you will get the idiot that wants to buy the car at the sticker price.  The answer is;  "Yes it is for sale at that price in gold coins valued at the going price per oz. in 1909 to 1927 of $20.67.  Divide that into the sticker price and that is how many (1 oz.) gold coins I will accept for this car."  This car sticker is $619.05 which at $20.67 per oz. equal thirty (1 oz.) coins.  Thirty, 1 oz. gold coins at today's market price equals $38,283, which in my case, he can buy my T and I'll drive to his home.  That usually shuts them up.