Ted Aschman's “Tinkerin Tips” Volume I & II.  These two publications have been out of print for many years, but the simple direct information about the hows and whys of keeping your Model T Ford running is one of the best sources of help you will every find.  With a sense of humor only found in Model T enthusiasts, he tackles problems we all run into and has simple and easy to follow answers that make the repair as well as Henry did or oft-times even better.  Published in 1988 & 93, each book is a compendium of articles written for Model T magazines.  They are put together in an organized manner, cross-referenced and indexed.  Volume I is 134 pages and Volume II is 97 pages, packed with need-to-know knowledge.  These two books are just too important to lose and hence I have brought them back to life.  These are good, fun reading and not for just when you are in trouble.

The reproductions are in a spiral binding which actually lays out flat and is easier to read and use.  The material in each volume is unique and is not duplicated.  Buying Volume II doesn't cover Volume I, so you need to get both to have the complete set.  These are rather timeless, giving you new ways to fix old problems.

Priced at just $30 each or $55 for the set, it is money well spent for any Model T mechanic.  One low shipping price of $5.00 for either or both books combined.  A portion of each sale is earmarked for Ted's widow.

Tinkerin Tips
A Compendium of
Fixes and Repairs

Volume I and II
By Ted Aschman